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Are There Any Good Cable Grommet Brushes Strip?

Are There Any Good Cable Grommet Brushes Strip?

January 17,2022.

Cable grommet brushes strip, often installed on computer desks, are used to organize cables. Do you know what kind of Cable Grommet Brushes Strip meets the requirements for use? Let me tell you below.

1. In appearance, the wire box brush strip is mainly used in the threading hole position on the desktop, which plays the role of storing and passing the wire. It is required that the brush strip can rebound freely without leaving gaps after passing the line, so as to improve the aesthetics of the entire furniture.

2. In terms of material, the brush wire of the brush strip should be made of new materials for environmental protection. The new nylon brush wire is produced, and no secondary recycled material is used. Because the secondary recycled material contains many impurities, the brush wire is brittle and easy to break. And brushes that comply with EU ROHS, SVHC and other third-party authoritative standards are more worry-free to use.

Cable Grommet Brushes Strip

Cable Grommet Brushes Strip

3. In terms of function, the brushed wire material has good flame retardancy, and it can be extinguished quickly from fire, reaching the UL94-V0 level; no dripping, no peculiar smell and no toxic and harmful gas are produced after burning, and it does not cause harm to the human body.

4. In terms of specifications, the size of the brush strip is precisely adapted. After installation, there will be no shaking and abnormal noise, which can ensure that the brush strip is consistent with the furniture as a whole, avoid secondary repeated processing, and thus save labor costs.

Did you not expect that there are so many dimensions to choose the Cable grommet brushes strip? Choose a Cable grommet brushes strip, which is convenient for you to organize the wires on the desktop and beautify the office.

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