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How Do Garage Door Seal Brushes Work?

How Do Garage Door Seal Brushes Work?

March 15,2023.

If you want to know how the garage door seal brush strip works, you need to start with the structure of the garage door brush. The garage door seal brush strip is a kind of strip brush, which is composed of nylon wire, metal base, and fastening wire. Generally, it should be installed and used with aluminum strips of different angles.


H type Garage Door seal brush strip

Tens of thousands of nylon filaments are regularly arranged on a plane. The tightly interlaced nylon filaments are connected together to block fine dust. There will be very small gaps between the filaments to allow air to circulate, ensuring air exchange. The garage door sealing brush has a good dust-proof effect and can ensure the circulation of air. This is the biggest advantage of the garage door sealing brush, and it has been used for many years.

garage door sealing brushes


Each of AOQUN's garage door sealing brushes has passed the tensile test, and will not shed hair during use, and keep them neatly arranged and not easily deformed.

garage door sealing brushes Manufacturer

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