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Where To Buy Strip Brush, Best Value for AOQUN’s


Mr. Zhao is a purchaser of an escalator installation company. Recently, they have been complaint by a shopping mall in the northern area. The reason is that the where to buy strip brush is too thin and occasionally lose filament. In the northern, the sand wind was very large, which caused sand and garbage enter the escalator and cause malfunction. Now Mr. Zhao have to find a new supplier of escalator sealing brushes, Mr. Zhou find AOQUN by searching in the Internet, then contacted with AOQUN.

Where To Buy Strip Brush

Miss Chen of the AOQUN received a consultation from Mr. Zhao. After understanding the problem of Mr. Zhao, Miss Chen provide the two solution directly: 1. Increase the base size of the where to buy strip brush, so the brush thickness increased; 2. To change current single-row escalator to double row with double protection. Miss Chen clearly stated that the above two sets of plans have a matching aluminum profile for installation, which has been successfully applied to the market and is a mature product.

Where To Buy Strip Brush

In the end, Mr. Zhao chose the AOQUN double-row where to buy strip brush, and issued a test of 10 units escalator after receiving the sample. After using it for a period, Mr. Zhao received a favorable feedback from the mall, and promised that the newly developed shopping mall will also be handed over to Mr. Zhao for installation.

Where To Buy Strip Brush

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