Where Will A Lot Of Photovoltaic Panel Cleaning Brushes Be Used?

May 26,2022.

Photovoltaic power generation is a technology that directly converts light energy into electrical energy using the photovoltaic effect of the semiconductor interface. It is mainly composed of three parts: solar panels (components), controllers and inverters. The main components are composed of electronic components. After the solar cells are connected in series, they can be packaged and protected to form a large-area solar cell module, and then combined with power controllers and other components to form a photovoltaic power generation device. Use a special photovoltaic panel cleaning brush to clean.

solar Photovoltaic Panel Cleaning Brushes

At present, most of the large photovoltaic panels are built in the northwest region of my country. The northwest region is sparsely populated and rich in land resources. The terrain is relatively higher than the south, and the light resources are abundant. The environment I want to compare is relatively harsh, and the wind, sand and dust are more obvious. Therefore, the photovoltaic panels should be cleaned regularly so that the normal use of the photovoltaic panel components will not be affected, and the photovoltaic panel cleaning brush is the hero behind the scenes.

solar Photovoltaic Panel Cleaning Brushes

The photovoltaic panel cleaning brush is made of pure nylon wool, which has good flexibility, strong recovery, wear resistance, and will not scratch the expensive photovoltaic panel component equipment. normal life of the board. Moreover, it can be suitable for various mechanical or customized brush sizes of cleaning equipment factories, and the adaptability is very strong.

Such a photovoltaic panel cleaning brush can be customized for you in Guangzhou Aoqun Brush Technology Co., Ltd., and a design and production team with 13 years of industry experience can provide you with reasonable and effective project solutions to solve your photovoltaic panel cleaning brush design, installation problems.

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